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Ah! The Horoscopes

Wanderlino Arruda

I confess that among my many reading interests, I just can’t do without the horoscopes. For example, I never put any newspaper down until I have finished reading the column that talks about what is “going to happen” during the day and upcoming week. I don’t care if they say that something will or won’t happen, or that I should or shouldn’t believe in what is printed there. What I like about it and is important to me, is that this type of reading is interesting and fun. This is probably because I find horoscopes to be an interesting combination of ideas, in which I can see the author’s optimistic point of view, savor a delicious mysterious feeling of the unknown, and ponder over an incredible number of fantastic probabilities. And I know that I am not alone in this frame of thinking, because, if all that didn’t have any truth in it, then why do the newspapers, radio and television waste so much time talking about it? There are quite likely to be many more people much more interested in it than you and I, dear reader. How about it? Is it possible?

I confess, again, that the star sign I know most about is my own, Virgo; loyal public, voracious readers dedicated to literature, journalism, accounting and all things related to paper and everything written on it. Practical and pragmatic, Virgo men and women are well organized and like everything perfectly arranged, to the smallest detail, somewhat like a Swiss watch. They are extremely predictable, even to the point that they can take their own eternal inner criticism. When Virgos marry each other, they make more than a marriage: Suddenly a new corporation is formed, with fascinating characteristics including daydreams and fantasies, as long as they obey a previously laid-out plan. I give you as witnesses my good brothers and colleagues Miriam and Darcio, birthday neighbors.
Lets see what the horoscope tells us about ourselves.
Do Libra women, in general, have no special criteria in choosing their spouses? All they want, to tell the truth, is to get together with someone very elegant, intelligent and who will make all their decisions for them . Someone whom she can dedicate herself to and satisfy all her sophisticated whims and desires. She is full of “do’s and not do’s” and always up to her ears in social convention. They constantly worry about other people’s opinions. Now, Scorpio women, on the other hand, bring inside them, the primal scream of instinctive liberty and the no-holds freedom that ensues. Non-conformists, they don’t know how to restrain their affective and sensorial exuberance, because, they are always so full of empathy and intuition. Owners of a great work capacity, they assume the job with strength and courage.
Another sign that loves and needs freedom of movement is the Aquarian. For her, coming and going, as they please, is essential to their perception of freedom, much like their participation in people’s lives. Cancerians, it should be said, are very sensitive and gifted with great emotional capacity, an intrinsic part of her environment and, at the same time, mother and wife, but doesn’t even know how to separate these two very different functions. Leonine ladies, as mythology states, are protected by the gods and a sister to fire, and for this very reason, easy to ignite. Brilliant, stubborn and domineering, they really only think and act as they damn well please. Gemini women express their fantasies through love, contrary to Taurians, who, being so down to earth, simply discard illusion and go about business so they can live in security.
For all of these reasons, and more, is it possible that any other reading material exists more fascinating than that of the humble, always surprising everyday horoscope? Well, at least, a more succulent reading is surely not to be found. Not even in a well written poem.

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