Wanderlino Arruda
Djalma Souto



Preface - Feelings Poems

William Lee Barnes

Reading Wanderlino is like walking barefoot in the early morning dew or a soft and sudden spring shower. It touches the middle places in our hearts that we can never quite define, with his counter-attack of other world, timeless expressions of novel, sensual and sensorial expressions that we would gladly like to express ourselves but can never quite put in words. His poetry sends you sailing through your own imagination, conjuring up rich new images, smells, tastes, sounds, feelings…

It is a wonderful and rewarding experience. His amazing life has yielded an incredible legacy of wisdom that he has generously shared with us without restraint. Read Happiness, for example. It is a pure pearl of lucid light. I get the adolescent feeling of savoring the best ice-cream cone in the world when I get into his work. He is a whirlwind of creative imagination.

His poems rhyme in context instead of verse. He has opened up a whole brand new galaxy of sparkling adjectives used in such a startling manner that you can hear colors, see tastes, touch thoughts…The reason and rhyme of it all obviously comes from his Emerald Princess. Her turquoise gase runs tranquilly and powerfully through this latest work much as a wide and powerful river does on its way to the sea.

If I had to try to explain Wanderlino, two words come immediately to mind; Jolly and Passionate. Jolly, because his Santa Claus laughter rings out with real, spontaneous mirth. Passionate, because he is madly in love with life. This poetry is to be read, re-read, and read again and again, so sit down, relax and feel the taste of his words, the words of a man in love.

Montes Claros, MG, Brazil, 2004, January

William Lee Barnes


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