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Nathércio França

I am of those that hold that the reason for life, or existence, is to do the right thing, be content, always at peace with your past and confident in your future. I am of those that believe that the best day of our lives is today, this present moment.

The rational behavior, at the present, is to forgive the errors of the past and prepare us for those yet to come, because in some way they guarantee normality of the brain and the heart, keeping at a distance useless, worrisome concerns. This way, each day will be replete with renewed work challenges and learning opportunities, new ways of consolidating friendships, a hand-tailored and favorable time to leave our footprints upon the earth. And it seems that I am not alone in my way of thinking and acting. There still exist many people that determinedly pursue the joyous search for happiness, in the affirmation of affective values, in consolidation of part of the endless riches of love. People that, living in the world of the machine, and receiving those electronic impulses, still haven’t lost those precious qualities that deal with the health of the body and soul. People who feel joy at the sight of other’s happiness, who feel joy when seeing joy, who sincerely share goodness with their fellows.

In conversation yesterday at the Montes Claros Culture Center with the father Aderbal Murta de Almeida, my Rotarian and Academy of Literature comrade, we were reminiscing about past local events and happenings pointing out significant facts that glorified the ideological patrimony of Montes Claros in both cognitive and emotional aspects. He cited innumerous significant examples of the grandeur of goodness and faith, the love of spontaneous dedication to goodness, the halo of divine light that flows with the evolutional ladder of grand personalities, souls that radically demonstrate the humanity of our culture. In resuming, he proposed two names that he personally considered as the most important in the hallowed gallery of greatness, in loving and in forgiveness, in knowledge of being and living. He gave the first name, emphasizing the work of father Marcos, and when I was about to interrupt him to point out the second name, he said the name that was on the tip of my tongue, reminding me clearly and happily of Nathércio França, our great and loved Nathércio. I looked at Nivaldo Maciel, who was there with us and saw that he, by his gestures of consent, that if we had been a little slower, he would have pronounced the same name before we had done. In fact, considering the capacity of good living, of existence with true knowledge and majesty, of the friend and of the brotherhood, of the practice of fellowship and fraternity, Nathércio França, is the most illustrious personage in the history of Montes Claros. No one, truthfully no one could have failed to admire him, feeling the height of his love, to share his charisma, always visible and with the value with which he treated every moment of his existence. Nathércio had the unbreakable faith that only great souls bear. If we had had time enough to bask in the radiance of his knowledge, his passing so recent to us in time and space, I believe that our consideration would be even greater.

Nathércio França, illustrious personality in several of the most varied activities of the city; businessman, pilot, religious leader, active Rotarian…he was no doubt, an unforgettable moment in the lives of all who knew him.

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