Wanderlino Arruda
Djalma Souto


The Montes Claros Academy of Literature.

Passed adolescence, almost arriving at the legal age of twenty, our Academy of Literature is having its 20 year birthday celebration. It always was turned toward cultural care and the encaminamento of the writers of the land for the paths of the literature and theory of literature. Twenty years of the search for aprimoramento linguistic, of the actualization of norms and forms, the principle of beginning middle and end, of those that have means in courage and vanity to dare to try to enter her golden seats. Whoever is admitted to the academy is subject to an avaliation of the academics and public, not always favorable.

A fifth of a century, small and great parcel of time, academy life has been sufficient to mature minds and bodies, subject to emotion and reason. First, descrença chacota, and malice from all, first, the direct attacks, the explicit envy, the hard combat, a treacherous search to bring to the institution to paralyzation and ruin. Afterwards, distance, forgetfulness, the eternal ignoring.
Never one word of encouragement, never a gesture of tenderness, comprehension, a tenue line of friendship.

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