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Djalma Souto



The Orality of “Great Sertão Veredas”

Quite some time ago, my friend and neighbor Yara Souto lent me the original text of a these for a p.h.d. of her sister Teresinha Souto Ward. Presented at Stanford University, U.S. A beautiful and wise dissertation that submitted to the Spanish and Portuguese Language Department and the Graduation Committee, in September of 1981, was worth the approvation for the degree of a doctorate in Philosophy, one of the most acclaimed p.h.d.s in the entire world. An interesting work about the cultural reality of our region, the north of Minas Gerais state, a thesis about the orality of the languge used in the book “Great Sertão Veredas”, of Guimarães Rosa, our almost neighbor of Cordisburgo, close to the cavern of the Maquiné. A research of magnitude, done by a “student’’ that demonstates great love for her homeland and her people, all indicates, completely involved in the much suffered hinterland of our Sertão.

Guimarães Rosa, the sonoro author of “Great Sertão Veredas” and more tyhan half a dozen other notable books, has many impassioned admirers here in Montes Claros. Luizinha Barbosa, Yvone Silveira, Zinda Barcala Jorge, and I, who am writing this…and more than the rest, three passions that have no end, Julio Melo franco, João Carlos Sobreira and João Lucio da Silva. These are the three most impassioned people of the books of Guimaraes, who was Brazil’s Ambassador in the time of work, and a cowboy in his time of rest, here in our state! João Guimara~es Rosa had a mysticism of enchantment never equaled by other writers, even those that speak closer to our hearts and feelings of homeland, even those who register with folego authentic of those who live directly our sadnesses and joys, our suave malice, or even our hillbilly ingenuity! “Great Sertão Veredas”
Has in the sertao of Montes Claros, not in the city of Montes Claros, but in a vast quantity of geographical influences spread. We are the isolated north and life is divided and enriched by our own customs. Guimarães with his book placed us as the center of his epopeia , be it with dramatic nuances, or lyrical traditions.

If Guimarães Rosa haddn’t been registered as a son of Cordisburgo, we could have him entirely to ourselves as an authentic son of our city Montes Claros. With all this, Teresinha Souto Ward stated all there is to be said about her people and their customs, of her memories and her life here in Montes Claros! And who speaks and writes in this manner, speaks as a Professor, worthy of all awards.

I would like to go back later to the subject and comment directly the text of her dissertation, living with my readers, the gratifying contact with our local topics subjects; with names that ring with sonority of our homeland people: Carrim, Preto, Francim, Durães, Bindóia. Not being able to keep quiet also, the musicality found in the names Manuelzinho do Juca, João do Carrapicho and Folia do Bom Jesus!

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